We offer workshops on multiculturalism to the public and mental health providers for continuing education credit. Each workshop provides a rich interactive experience. Any and all of our workshops can be adapted to the needs of a particular group.

Not Your Daddy’s Diversity
Clinical Perspectives on the Emerging US Multicultural Society

Using clinical case histories and new data, we examine the emerging, new face of the USA’s multicultural society and the effect this development has on our clinical work.
Family History & the Immigration Story
Journeying Toward a New Belonging

Join us as we explore multiculturalism from the immigrant perspective over time and generations.
21st Century Clients 
Textures of Appearance, Language and Identity

Using a multigenerational framework, we focus on accompanying multiethnic clients as they journey toward self-discovery, self-awareness and identity formation.

Roots and Renewal: Radical Self-Care

Refresh yourself with a blast of innovation and an infusion of right-brained adventures

integrating history, culture and the experiential arts.

Here are some of the groups who have hosted our work:

Seattle University's Search for Meaning Book Festival (www.seattleu.edu/searchformeaning/)

Family Systems Therapists Northwest (fstnw.org)

Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research  (sietarusa.org)

South Carolina Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (scamft.org)

Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (wamft.org)

Cascadia Training (www.cascadia-training.org)

Pronto Seminars (prontoseminars.com)
International Family Therapy Association (www.ifta-familytherapy.org)

Harriet & Rhoda at Seattle University's

Search for Meaning Book Festival