We are passionate about the multicultural experience, because we both live it. As family therapists, we work extensively with people who have multiethnic heritages. One thing we have learned from our clients and personal experience is that traditional diversity training and multicultural awareness do not keep up with who’s living in the world today. In response, we’re doing some anecdotal research. The focus is on how today’s multicultural population is pushing the boundaries of our thinking. 

People traditionally categorize others by appearance. This is becoming more complicated. There are many differences that don’t show such as spiritual practices, social class, and regional accents. We want to hear about your experiences of how others have perceived you and how you feel about that.

Please copy the survey questions and send your answers either via email or USPS. We will post selected responses on our Mixed Blessings website and Facebook page, and all will be kept strictly anonymous. If you do NOT want your responses posted online, please make a note of it.

 1.  How old are you?                               

 2.  Are you male or female?

 3.  Where do you live? (geographical region, e.g. state if in USA, or country if not in USA)

 4.  What do you do for a living?

 5.  What are your cultural and ethnic heritages? (e.g., Irish-German, African-American, 2nd generation Chinese American,  Filipino-Latino, Jewish-Lutheran, Mom’s family was wealthy and Dad’s family was poor, etc.)

 6.  In what ways – if at all - do your differences show in your physical appearance?

 7.  If yes, how has this affected your relationships at school, work, and in other environments?

 8.  If not, in what ways – if at all - have people misinterpreted or misunderstood who you are? How has this affected you?

 9. Please add any other comments or thoughts on your experiences you'd like to share.


 Completed surveys can be emailed to:  mixedblessingsllc@gmail.com
 or mailed to:   Mixed Blessings LLC
                       P.O. Box 75541
                       Seattle, WA  98175

If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating, please pass this survey along or
direct them to www.mixed-blessings.com. Thank you!